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This AVVO rating is NOT accurate for this professional

Posted by a Domestic Violence client June 2013


Overall rating:   Excellent

Trustworthy:   Excellent

Responsive:   Excellent

Knowledgeable:   Excellent

Kept me informed:   Excellent


When I see this rating it breaks my heart and makes me pretty angry at our system. I have known Steve for 10 years. He has represented me on multiple issues over the years and he is also my friend. I went through the time with him early on in his career when he had complaints to the bar and the bar decided to censure him. You must understand that these complaints are not from ANY of his clients but from the crooks in a case that were against his client he was representing. He spent years on this case....and never got much money from it. He may have made decisions in that case that were wrong due to lack of experience but basically ALL of his complaints to the bar were from one case that involved multiple people.....all wanted to seek revenge against him for basically shutting their corruptive business down. He got threats from them and it was a very difficult time. Still, rather than back off he went the extra mile for his client-even when he was getting threats that lead him to believe his family or himself were at risk. He got direct threats that they would ruin his career if he pursued. Yes, he did make mistakes and he admits that. He has taken course after course since this time many, many years ago on ethics. Ironic because I can tell you from experience he is the most moral person I know. The biggest flaw he has a desire to “get the bully”, he is completely committed to his clients, and shame on him....he believed in our legal system. He loves the law and studies it at leisure. The law and the bar did not protect one of their own-one of the good guys. Has anyone else just made a mistake from inexperience-should you have to pay for it the rest of your career by a mathematical review like this that does not tell the heart of the story? He was practicing by himself with no one to consult with on this case-barely out of law school. He grieved over these bar complaints/bar censure and still does today. You should see him now. He is truly brilliant. If you look at his case records you will see that all of his clients have gotten what they wanted or better, all of his clients have been satisfied, many clients come to him for representation over and over for various issues, and he has only once in his entire career had a complaint directly from client. This particular client was court appointed and would have been unsatisfied with any attorney-he was going away for a long time regardless. Even in that case....he did not see the criminal but the person. He is amazing with the underprivileged client. He treats them respect and gives them the representation that every person-regardless of what they have done-deserves. I have heard him do things like direct someone to the proper paperwork at the court system out of kindness when he could have charged them for a consultation but knew they did not have the money. He is an excellent mediator and has done much pro-bono work. He would never say these things here on this forum about himself and that is why I am. If Steve Wallace represents you are lucky because not many attorneys out there really care-they just want to reach into your pocketbook. Shameful that this review can represent such a fine professional who made the mistake of taking on a case beyond his experience and has paid for it ever since. This is a true example of prejudice-judging something or someone negatively that you have not taken the time to understand fully. Thanks for reading this post.