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Long Overdue

Posted by Ms. Lisa, a Divorce client, July 2013.


Overall rating:   Excellent

Trustworthy:   Excellent

Responsive:   Excellent

Knowledgeable:   Excellent

Kept me informed:   Excellent


Words cannot explain the gratitude and appreciation I have for Attorney Wallace. When I was dealing with one of the most difficult times of my life; I sought out to find an Attorney that could provide me honest advise no matter if it felt good or not to hear the truth. I received a recommendation from a friend that Attorney Wallace was the man. Well, all I can say is my friend is still my friend and I will take the advise from that friend any day of the week.


Attorney Wallace not only took care of my issue; after my case was competed Attorney Wallace followed up with a thank you for allowing me to serve you. Why would he thank me? He deserved all the thanks.. Very Satisfied Client.

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