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Business Attorney in Los Angeles, CA

Avvo ratings by computer miss the mark with this attorney. His answers are superlative. His cusomization to the needs of the Avvo askers is great. His professional courtesy and demeanor to other lawyers on Avvo is exemplary.



Bankruptcy Attorney in Huntersville, NC

I endorse this lawyer. Stephen is an experienced litigator and knows how to win for his clients.



General Practice Lawyer in Greenwood Village, CO  

Mr. Wallace is one of the most exemplary and extraordinary attorneys that I have encountered in 24 years of practice. Despite being a judge, magistrate, prosecutor, and private attorney for nearly two and a half decades, I continue to learn valuable information from his posts every day. I would highly recommend.



Criminal Defense Attorney in Clifton, NJ  

I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Wallace is a no-holds-barred legal warrior who lets nothing stop him from his goals - as is evidenced by his demeanor in this forum in the face of adversity. He is trustworthy, professional, and knowledgeable in his field. His dedication is first rate. His rating is a "10".



Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles, CA

Mr. Wallace's knowledge of Federal Criminal law is first rate. I deeply respect his intellect and his experience. As a member of the Criminal Justice Act Panel in Los Angeles, I know that the CJA attorneys are among the best and most proficient practitioners of federal criminal law. I highly endorse Mr. Wallace.



DUI / DWI Attorney in San Diego, CA

Mr. Wallace is a zealous fighter for his clients. He is well repsected in court and his litigation skills are beyond reproach. A client would be lucky to have him in their corner.



Personal Injury Lawyer in Washington, DC  

I have had the opportunity to view Attorney Wallace first hand. He is, without a doubt, a highly knowledgeable and well spoken advocate. I am absolutely sure that you will not be disappointed if you are fortunate enough to have Attorney Wallace represent you. I highly recommended this attorney.



Business Attorney in Alexandria, VA  

I endorse this lawyer's work. Attorney Wallace is one of the finest litigators in America. His knowledge of trial advocacy is second to none. He is truly Shakespeare when it comes to the law and indeed a great asset to have representing you.